Your Four-Year developmental plan for student success and keeping the Keystone Promise.

Open each of the steps to view your plan.


Explore possibilities and identify pathways  to success.


第一年: Believe in Yourself


  • Attend Orientation in the summer
  • 参加欢迎周末 

Actively participate in 第一年 Seminar

  • Attend 第一年 Seminar classes, participate in class discussions, and attend campus events.

Meet with your academic advisor.

  • Discuss interests and goals to prepare for your future.

Attend the Major Exploration Fair

  • Declare a major, double major, or declare a minor

Keystone Promise Requirement


  • The College’s academic advisors are happy to help you plan your classes and activities at Keystone!


Interact with faculty and discover campus and service opportunities.


第二年: Belong at Keystone and in the Community

Attend Sophomore Success and Community Day

  • Connect with your peers and mentors.


  • Join co-curricular and/or extracurricular activities such as athletics, 俱乐部, 社区服务, 表现音乐, 或者其他活动.

Keystone Promise Requirements

  • Write a resume and upload it to 握手.
  • Write a cover letter and upload it to 握手.


Fine-tune your educational and career plan with advisors.


第三年: Become an Advocate for your Future

Build and maintain relationships

  • Actively build and maintain your academic and professional relationships

Keystone Promise Requirements

  • Attend the Career, Internship, and Graduate School Fair
  • Identify three professional references and upload them to 握手
  • 创建一个 LinkedIn profile and assess your digital brand
  • Complete experiential learning, internship, service learning, or shadowing opportunities


Finalize career decisions and prepare for post-college.


第四年: Become Your Best Self

Successfully complete your culminating senior experience

  • 高级研讨会
  • 高级顶点


  • Conduct graduate school and or job searches

Attend 100 Days to Graduation celebration

  • This event will help you network with your senior class


  • 完成重要的文书工作, receive tickets to Commencement and your gap and gown, and pose for a graduation portrait

Celebrate your achievements at Commencement

  • 你做到了!

Keystone Promise requirement

  • Participate in Mock Interview Day or an interviewing workshop


What is the 通往立博客户端app下载 Program?

A four-year developmental plan outlining specific steps traditional undergraduate students should complete to develop and succeed at 重点大学 and post-graduation. The steps emphasize academic skills, 校园订婚, 职业准备, and the importance of participating in co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities. While the 程序 is designed to engage students and promote success. The “通往立博客户端app下载” 程序 gives students continuous guidance during their time at Keystone.

最后, if all designated Keystone Promise steps are completed, students will be covered by The Keystone Promise after graduation. The Keystone Promise is our pledge to students that they will have a job offer or a placement in graduate school within six months of graduating.


你将进入一个关怀, friendly community w在这里 you will always be treated as a person, 从来没有一个数字. As a 重点大学 student you will grow and change using our developmental plan, 《通往立博客户端app下载》.” This structured plan describes events, 学术课程, and career development opportunities that, 如果之后, will make the most of your college years and help you achieve the Promise, 最重要的是, succeed with your academic goals and career dreams.



登录Moodle and check off the items you’ve completed.


Explore and find amazing job and internship opportunities with 握手. 参见相关的职业文章, sign up for events and workshops and access the on-campus recruiting 程序.


Your assigned academic advisor is determined by your major. 点击这里了解更多.


The 学生成功中心 offers a comprehensive support system that caters to the unique needs of each student. 了解更多


视图MyKC for curriculum maps, recommended sequence of courses, and general education requirements. 最新目录已寄出 在这里.