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祝贺你! You’ve been accepted to 重点大学!

We have offered you a spot in our incoming class because we 相信 在你. Keystone是一个特殊的地方, where we provide the resources and opportunities for you to excel academically, 体验世界, get involved in a variety of activities, and be surrounded by a caring and diverse group of individuals who will help you 属于. 我们希望你选择这样做 成为  a member of the Keystone family!


Please follow the enrollment checklist below to complete the enrollment process.


登记参观校园 and be awarded a $200 KC 访问 Grant!

*接受学生日游 6月19日.



Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

Create your FSA ID, then fill your FAFSA form at www.studentaid.政府. 重点大学’s code is 003280.


视频: Understanding the New FSFA Submission Summary

Review your 金融援助 requirements. All requirements for the disbursement of 金融援助 are listed 在你r 金融援助 letter and can also be found on MyKC (需要登录).
If you have not yet received your award letter within seven business days following acceptance, please contact Student Central at studentcentral@ohjustcerenaconfessions.com or 570-945-8300.


Get an estimate of your cost by:



Veterans should submit the joint services transcript to admissions@ohjustcerenaconfessions.com. Students who are using veterans education benefits should submit their DD 214 and certificate of eligibility to the certifying official, 凯特•欧文斯, 凯特.owens@ohjustcerenaconfessions.com.

Register for an 接受学生 Day Tour:

2024年秋季入学的学生 are invited to an 接受学生 Day tour on 6月19日.注册在这里.


Secure your spot in our incoming class by submitting your enrollment deposit today

ACT代码:3602 | FAFSA: 003280



我们的 招生顾问 我能帮你注册吗, 金融援助, 新生迎新, 换专业, 或者住房状况. 你可以给你的辅导员发邮件或者 安排约会.


申请校外奖学金 with the help of your high school guidance office and local community. 重点大学 also offers a number of endowed scholarships, be sure to apply!


Submit your Dual Enrollment College Transcript or Official AP Score

Submit your dual enrollment college transcript or official AP score report to admissions@ohjustcerenaconfessions.com.



Submit your final high school or college transcripts to the 招生 office after your graduation. 电子邮件: admissions@ohjustcerenaconfessions.com


To submit the housing application, please log into your application portal. As a deposited student, you will see a link on the sidebar for 住房调查.
Log in to the correct app portal: 新生 | 转移 | 国际

Housing assignments and roommates are available for viewing on MyKC beginning Dec. 15 for students starting in the spring and May 1 for students starting in the fall.


Check your email for an invitation to Orientation! All incoming students are expected to participate in Orientation.


请填写 定向风险豁免 搬进来的周末前的表格.



Fall 2024 invoices (bills) are due August 8, 2024 and students should  检查他们的发票 与学生中心合作. All balances must be paid in full, or an approved payment plan must in place, 在第一天上课之前.

Access the 学生健康门户网站

Use your Keystone username and submit all required health forms through the 学生健康门户网站 no later than one week prior to your first day on campus. 的副本下载 学生健康要求.



检查 FERPA政策 and fill out the FERPA form if you want to grant access of your records to someone else.


阅读学生手册 and become familiar with 大学政策.

New Science and Allied Health Majors Order your lab coat

Students who are a science or allied health major should 给他们订购实验服 2024年8月5日. This is free and students will receive it as part of their freshman lab pack during the first week of classes.

鼓励家长 & 家庭参与

父母 and families play a vital role in their student’s education. 了解更多关于 College resources and visit the 家长及家庭门户网站.


Move-In/Welcome Weekend (Residents & 通勤者): 即将于8月23日至25日
开学第一天: 8月26日

Are you undecided about a major?

没关系. We will work with you to explore majors and career options before making a commitment to your field of study.

重要代码:SAT代码:2351 ACT代码:3602 | FAFSA: 003280


When you choose 重点大学, you’re choosing to join a close-knit community of students, faculty and staff who want you to succeed and are willing to see to it that you do, starting with the college admissions process.

我们的 Stairs to Success program begins with steps to take during the college admissions and guides you through your four-years at Keystone to ensure you graduate on time and are well on your way to the exciting career of your dreams. Come for a visit and see for yourself what makes 重点大学 so unique.