重点大学 has long recognized and responded to the needs of the courageous 退伍军人 who have served in our nation’s armed forces.

From the admission process to graduation, Keystone welcomes and supports all military 退伍军人, 服务人员, and 家属 of those who have served. 

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Turn Your Military Experience into College Credit!

重点大学 awards credit toward a degree based on military training and coursework and evaluates students’ military experience for transfer credit. 立博平台进行信用评估.

We understand that frequent relocations and deployment can make it difficult for 退伍军人, 家属, 预备役人员, and active duty military students to pursue their educational goals. Keystone provides flexibility by offering courses in day, evening, weekend, and on-line formats that may be blended to create a customized experience to meets your needs.

Freedom to fulfill your military obligations
Your choice to serve should not negatively affect your academic progress at Keystone. Absences resulting from your military service are excused absences. When you need to miss class due to drill or other military obligations, provide a copy of your orders to the 退伍军人核证官员 and your instructors will be notified. They will then work individually with you to make up any missed work.

If you are called to active duty or ordered to another military obligation that will result in your need to temporarily stop attending classes for the remainder of a semester, 你应该联络 退伍军人核证官员 who will assist you with completing a Leave of Absence for Military Service which guarantees your ability to resume your studies once your active service is completed. The 退伍军人核证官员 will assist you with both initiating your leave and resuming your studies.


There are many benefit programs available to 退伍军人. Visit the official 退伍军人 Affairs website to go through a step-by-step process to get an idea of what benefits are best for you or use the links below to learn more.

How do I apply for, use, and verify my military benefits?

重点大学 is proud to assist all military-affiliated students who wish to utilize their education benefits. 查看VA网站了解:


To learn how to determine your eligibility and to compare benefits, visit the VA website:

How can I transfer my Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits?

You may be able to transfer your Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits if you’re on active duty or in the Selected Reserve and you meet the requirements. 请访问退伍军人事务部网站


Students who are 符合条件的 could receive as much as 100% of net tuition and fees. The type of benefit you are 符合条件的 for determines the amount you will receive. 请浏览退伍军人管理局网页:


Our staff is here to assist you in choosing a major, using your benefits, registration, and more.


1. Determine and submit the appropriate application:

2. Fill out the FAFSA and submit transcripts:

Apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  所有的退伍军人, 现役军人, and 家属 should complete the FAFSA each year, regardless of the military benefits they will be receiving.

  • Provide official transcripts from previous schools and/or military service to the 招生 Office in order to receive a proper transfer credit evaluation.
  • 重点大学’s FAFSA code is 003280.

3. Determine 退伍军人 Education Funding and Benefits:

NOTE: You can complete the application process to the Department of 退伍军人 Affairs while you are completing the admission and enrollment process at the College.

  • To determine your eligibility of benefits and to apply for 退伍军人 Education Benefits contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551 or gibill.va.gov
  • If you have applied for Federal Tuition Assistance (TA), provide a copy of your approved TA document to Keystone’s Certifying Official as soon as you receive it.  Students who are using TA must receive approval from their Education Service Officer (ESO) prior to enrolling. TA is federal funding and must be considered when determining the actual net cost for Chapter 33 benefits.
  • If you are receiving Pennsylvania National Guard Education Assistance Program (EAP) funds, notify the Certifying Official each term/semester you receive an award. Official notice of the award is provided to the Financial Aid Office.

The Department of 退伍军人 Affairs makes the determination on benefit eligibility.


4. 注册认证

  • Notify Keystone’s Certifying Official when you have completed the application process and are registered for classes. We cannot certify your enrollment to the VA until you have been accepted to 重点大学 and have registered for classes. You may register only for classes that apply to your degree/certificate program in accordance with the College’s catalog.
  • Once you receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or a Benefits Award Letter from the VA, provide a copy to Keystone’s Certifying Official immediately. You do not need the COE to register for classes, however, 重点大学’s Certifying Official DOES need the COE to certify your enrollment.
  • After you have received your benefits award letter, verify your enrollment monthly on WAVE on the last day of each month. (Not required for Chapter 35 Dependents Education Assistance)
  • Register for an eBenefits premium log-in at ebenefits.va.gov.


Programs Approved for Montgomery GI Bill® Benefits

会计MACC (在线)
会计 BS
会计原则 (在线)废话
业务 (在线或亲自)胡扯
工商管理 (在线或亲自)BS和AS
化学 BS
沟通的艺术 BA
通信 AA
计算机科学 BS
刑事司法 硕士(在线),学士和学士学位
刑事司法/心理学 BS
数据分析 BS
数字媒体 BA
幼儿教育 (认证)废话
幼儿教育 (Non-Certification)废话
幼儿教育 AS
幼儿教育/特殊教育 BS
环境科学 BS
环境研究 AS
电子竞技和游戏管理 BS
财务规划 BS
普通生物学 BS
酒店业务管理 BS
产业与组织心理学 (在线)废话
信息技术 BS和AAS
自由研究 AA
MBA (在线)
-可在 会计 or 卫生系统管理
微生物学 BS
Middle Level Education: Language Arts BS
Middle Level Education: Social Studies BS
预科技术/生物技术 AS
Pre-Nursing AS
Pre-Occupational Therapy/Pre-Respiratory Care AS
Pre-Physical疗法 BS
Pre-Radiotherapy/Pre-Medical Imaging/Pre-Ultrasound AS
心理学 BS
公共管理 BS
公共卫生 BS
公共关系 BA
社会科学 BS
特殊教育 BS
体育及康乐管理 BS
供应链管理 BS
教师培训计划 (本科学历)
-Art Education (Bachelor’s degree in art related field required)
-幼儿教育 PreK – Grade 4
-Early Childhood/特殊教育 PreK – Grade 12
教学方向:数学教育 (7 - 12年级
教学方向:社会研究和教育 (7 - 12年级
野生动物研究 AS
野生动物生物学 BS
野生动物生物学 MS

Professional 通信 Certificate 


所有的退伍军人, 服务人员, and dependent students currently using 退伍军人 education benefits, have been granted priority registration by 重点大学. This means registering for upcoming terms beginning on the Friday before students who have achieved senior standing. 退伍军人, 服务人员, and 家属 may schedule classes ahead of students who have achieved senior standing, 但是一旦普通注册开始, will compete for class spaces along with all other students allowed to register at that time.

In order to exercise this benefit, 退伍军人 must contact the College’s 退伍军人证明官员:

Associate Dean of Academic Operations and 注册商
Ph. 570.945.8224


Notify Keystone’s Certifying Official of ALL changes in your enrollment status so that it can be reported to the VA. Please be aware that if you drop or withdraw from classes before the end of a term/semester, you may be in over-payment status and VA may require you to pay back tuition, fees, monthly housing allowance funds that you received prorated for the period you did not complete classes.

VA will determine the overpayment, not the school’s certifying official. 

Email: sean.wright@ohjustcerenaconfessions.com

Associate Dean of Academic Operations and 注册商


Contact the 退伍军人 Administration with payment questions: 1-888-442-4551 



Elmer R. 霍克退伍军人中心

A welcoming spot on campus where you can find camaraderie, along with resources and support.

  • 军人和退伍军人同学
  • 学习小组
  • 计算机实验室
  • 休息室和厨房
  • 经验丰富的俱乐部


退伍军人团结一致, a national non-profit, offers vocational programs through 重点大学. All vocational programs will offer credit towards academic degrees. All vocational programs are grant-based and at no cost for those that qualify.

Flags surround the KCAFC memorial stone.


KC武装部队俱乐部是一个 校园组织 made up of men and women who have been there, done that – just like you. This student-run club enables our student 退伍军人, spouses, 家属 and other campus community members to speak with a unified voice.


Building Your Future With the GI Bill®

Regardless of where you are in your education journey, VA has useful information that can help with your next steps:


Free educational and career counseling

任何一个学生 符合条件的 for the GI Bill® is also 符合条件的 for personalized career planning and advice:

  • Career counseling to help with civilian or military jobs
  • Educational counseling to help find a training program or field of study
  • Academic and adjustment counseling to help with address issues or other barriers
  • 简历支持和目标规划


Keystone提供了一系列广泛的 academic support services and resources for success, including advising and career services. If you need support, we are willing and able to help you every step of the way.